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Quantum chat

Miof Mela

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Continue reading As an inhabitant of the quantum world, it is not easy for me to report on my everyday life. Things are so different around here.

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Quantum chat

This is called the wave-particle duality. These are veritable quantum leaps.

For example, when I dance and whirl in a circle, my spin — this is my own angular momentum — obeys the quantim of quantum physics. I can then turn around my axis only to the left or to the right.

I jump back and forth between the two directions. But since I also possess the properties of a wave, my states can overlap.

I turn to the left — and at the same time to dhat right. We know no moods in the quantum world. Relationships in the quantum world are very special.

In October QuantumLink expanded their services to include casino games such as bingoslot machines quqntum, blackjack and poker in RabbitJack's Casino and RockLink, a section about rock music. The software archives were also organized into hierarchical folders and were expanded at this time. In November the service began offering to digitize users' photos to fifty plus chat included in their profiles, and also started an online auction service.

Quantum chat

The service was normally open weekday evenings and all day on weekends. Users were given one free hour of "plus" usage per month.

Hosts of forums and trivia games could also earn additional free plus time. Q-Link competed with other online services like CompuServe and The Chagas well as bulletin board systems single or multiuserincluding gaming systems such as Naughty bbw chat of Goth and Swords of Chaos. Quantum Link's graphic display was better than many competing systems because they used specialized client software with a nonstandard protocol.

However, this specialized software and nonstandard protocol also limited their market, because only the Commodore 64 and could run the software necessary to access Quantum Link.