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Recent episodes of espionage involving Russia and the United States have directed attention to America's so-called spy agencies.

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Recent episodes of espionage involving Russia and the United States have directed attention to America's so-called spy agencies. CNN national security correspondent David Ensor went behind closed doors inside the most secretive of America's secret agencies, the National Security Agency. He brings us five reports this morning from the super secret organization. David, this was definitely an unprecedented opportunity. Let's talk about why you?

How did you get selected for this? So, the people over there knew that it's a subject I'm interested in, I cover steadily, the network teens chat for free interested in, and perhaps they felt that this would be a useful window for them as they kind of very gingerly peek out that the world a little bit.

Their main job is to be the big ear of the U. So, it's the key mission of the NSA, putting that intelligence on the president's table in the morning each morning, and I guess we should roll and take a look at how they go about it. It's far more powerful than anybody really realizes. ENSOR: The headquarters is a vast, city-sized complex, reported to have over 38, employees, more than twice the size of the CIA, a secret hot chatting site where much of the trash is classified and has to be pulped on site before it can return to the unclassified world outside.

With sophisticated technology, NSA listens in on terrorists, Iraqi scientists, or Russian generals, and then delivers intelligence to decision makers from the president in the White House, down to the pilot in the cockpit of an F We can be dealing with more than one crisis at a time. A red, flashing light warns of the presence of visitors from CNN without security clearance.

Sound recording in the room is forbidden. In time of war, minnesota divorced sex chat units rush to set up remote intelligence points like this one, for ground commanders. NSA sends them targeting and other intelligence. Now, there are many new targets and problems. Encryption, secret codes that can be bought by anybody, or downloaded off the Internet, fiber-optic cable that cannot easily be tapped -- they threaten NSA's ability to eavesdrop on adversaries from Saddam Hussein to Colombian drug lords.

But the NSA's biggest problem? In the information age, it is drowning in data.

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So it is a volume, velocity and variety problem for us. Why did that happen? We lost the ability to process. The real cause was this inability to grow a system that could les our true operational needs. They need a lot of mathematicians to break codes, and they kets a very high caliber of mathematicians because the world's most complex and advanced computer capabilities. So, there's a lot to work with there.

Nsa? lets chat

They attract a very caliber and large quantity of top-flight mathematicians. You know, you've got better computers and the other thing is these are real life issues, can we crack such and such a code of the Chinese or the Russians or the North Koreans, it's fun. It's a puzzle, but nza? a very, very high stakes puzzle. One of the key questions about the NSA as far as many Americans are concerned is, OK, we have this powerful cht agency trying to avert chqt against the United States, but could those chat rooms by state powers ever be turned on us, and it is a question that the NSA knows it needs to answer.

So, here is the question: Are they spying on us? We won't abuse the law.

Nsa? lets chat

They have infected everything. They can get into your bank statements, computer files, e- mail, listen to your phone calls. HAYDEN: It has to be somewhat a secretive agency, and free porn chat rooms meridian in the middle of a political culture that just trusts two things most of all: power and secrecy. That's a challenge for us, and that's why, frankly, we're trying to explain what it is we do for America, how it is we follow the law.

Could there be abuses? Of course. Would there be? I am looking you and the American people in the eye and saying: there are not. At that time the law was tightened up. But when, for example, eavesdropping on a drug ring in Colombia, separating the foreigners, who can be legally bugged, from the U. And the NSA gets pressure from law enforcement agencies to help out with such cases.

And how close they get to the line, or whether they slip over sometimes is a matter that has to be watched closely.

A European Parliament report suggested there may have been economic espionage by the U. That is absolutely not true. So if, for example, it learns that a foreign company is using bribery to try to obtain a contract, that information does not chxt a secret. The NSA seems to think so.

Nsa? lets chat

Our series continues when we come back. Will you tell our viewers about that?

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A similar thing came up with Princess Diana. Now, agency officials say, look, famous people get discussed by the people we're eavesdropping. They get discussed by everybody. No big deal. And, of course, the NSA says we don't listen to Americans. But it raises questions among civil liberties people, people who worry about those issues. In addition to trying to listen in on potential threats to the United States, it's supposed to supply a communications system for the president and the other leaders of the United States, the military leadership, that chat rrom be listened into by others.

So, elaborate codes have to be devised things to talk about with girlfriend elaborate communications systems and that's what this piece is about.

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The NSA puts a secure telephone in every nwa? U. It's random information being sent and it's unintelligible. Many are not secure from hackers, who could be American teenagers or could be foreign agents trying to steal national security secrets. So, it's a constant game, if you will, cjat moving as quickly as your potential adversary, staying current on the technologies that are necessary to maintain the security and integrity of the networks.

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ENSOR: At the NSA's biometrics lab, scientists are testing the next generation of security tools to keep unauthorized people out of computers and top secret areas. Fingerprint identification Face identification may be the wave of the future. This system is keyed nsq? recognize scientist Dave Murley. ENSOR: Playing the role of the evil twin, Doug is rejected, but the scientists say the system still isn't good enough.

It has problems, for example, with new mustaches, long bangs or a new nose ring. You letss nothing to worry about. This Cray Triton supercomputer alone can handle 64 billion instructions per second. JACOBS: That said, if it were happening, you can be sure it would be one of the most closely guarded secrets of any government. ENSOR voice-over : In NSA's anechoic chamber, a massive free sex text hot black of fire-retardant, foam rubber spikes, scientists test als from transmitters and antennae of every kind.

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Even as the agency works to make sure U. David Ensor is ing us. David, we were talking about face identification in your last piece.

lsts This was used at the Miami Super Bowl, right? Apparently, Florida law enforcement put in some cameras at the Super Bowl just to see if they could find any wanted criminals who might be attending the game, and they didn't arrest anybody, but they say that they found about two dozen petty criminals who were watching the Super Bowl.

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He is an extraordinary linguist, and I think this piece pretty much speaks for itself, lrts it's just a very, very unusual job for a government employee. Let's see what he says. He cannot take his office keys home. He must punch in a code to get them each morning. Everette Jordan is a spy, but not in the way you probably imagine. Everette Jordan listens. And so you'll hear a word that you don't quite get, and you go back and forth over it a couple of times until you get it.

You have to listen for sarcasm, for tension. You have to live grannie xxx chat switzerland for rhetorical statements being made. You also have to listen for humor.

Cryptomining malware using nsa hacking code is spreading rapidly

First and foremost, for threats to the U. There have been many cases, and that's one of the fun things about being a linguist, knowing that the work that you have done has gone right downtown to the president of the United States. JORDAN: We have very strict protocols toward handling that -- those sorts of situations, and really we erase the thing, but we also report that thus and such has happened.

Everette Jordan is the first NSA listener ever to give a television interview. Everywhere we filmed in the vast NSA complex, employees chta warned. Most heeded the warning. What would be the downside for them? JORDAN: One of the ways that we're very successful is that the work that we do is very quiet, and in some cases, actually in many text and sext friend, our work letw has been indoctrinated not to draw attention to themselves, because in some cases they would have -- they would be travelling on official U.

ENSOR: The price of years of listening past the pops and screeches on surveillance tapes is frequent hearing checks, and some minor hearing loss, but Everette Jordan, though he hopes soon to move into management, says he wouldn't have wanted any other career up cuat this point: protecting the nation with his ears and his gift for languages.

Nsa? lets chat

Will you stand by? We'll be right back.