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City Monongahela, Glen Allen, Sylmar
Age 27
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Weight 52
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Eyes Amber
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Elizabeth Script The stage is set up with a phone on either side of the stage. Ashley, Jessica, and Elizabeth talk on the phone stage right, and the others use the stage left phone.

Fone chat

Ashley is alone on stage. She picks up the phone and dials. Stephanie enters, answers the other phone. ASH- Stephanie?

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Hi, it's Ashley. ASH- You are never gonna believe this, but guess who came over tonight? Brian Spencer! ASH- He did!

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ASH- He just rone up on my door step last night with his dog. Said he was out walking his dog and thought he would stop by. ASH- Uh huh. ASH- Brian?

Though Brian's cute, too. So how did it happen?

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ASH- I dunno. We talked for a long time about all kinds of things. Movies, school, college, dating. ASH- Then when he got up to leave, I gave him a hug, and On the lips! ASH- On the lips!

In the swing from calls to texts, we lost the warmth and humanity that made the telephone work in the first place; there are better ways to talk

Brian Spencer kissed you! I bet he's going to ask you to the dance.

ASH- I hope so. I've got a beep.

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Can you hold on a second? ASH- Sure. Stephanie clicks over. Askley exits.

Fone chat

Jessica enters. Guess what?

Fone chat

Brian Spencer kissed her! You're lying!

Fone chat

She must have said something to him. He just popped her one.