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They were just passing the Sachet Sorority House and Linda wondered if Charles would glance at any of the "girls" going in an out. They were on the campus of Primhurst University, a private women's educational institution in Northern California. At one safe sex chat rooms Charles had attended the coed public college near Primhurst along with his good friend, Greg Ames. Greg was the son of Monique Ames a stockbroker, business associate, and best friend of Linda Cain.

Greg was also the brother of Pamela, Charles's sometimes girlfriend. Pamela was a senior at Primhurst.

Club sissy who is chatting

Both Greg and Charles were at best real "losers". They had played around for several years after high school. They hadn't worked. They had partied incessantly, taking advantage of their wealthy parents.

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Monique was a widow latin chat caliente had inherited a huge estate from her alcoholic husband who had died in a car accident when Greg was two years and Pamela just two months old. Linda, a commodities broker, had become Charles's legal guardian when he was She controlled his trust fund. Both women had graduated from Primhurst, where they had been sorority sisters and occasional lovers.

They were now full time lovers and business partners. They also intended to reform both of these hooligans. Charles and Greg had entered college at age 23, gotten terrible grades and then pulled a real stunt at the end of their wh year. While ing a fraternity they had broken into a sorority house and pulled a panty raid. It had not only been Monique and Linda's old sorority, it had also been the one Pamela belonged to.

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Things had not gone well. Free chat rooms pakistani off, they had been caught by a small group of women, returning to the empty house earlier then expected. The males had not only struggled with some of the girls, they had ripped the girls' clothing. In addition several of the girls were under Not only could these two be charged with breaking and entering, burglary, and theft; they were also facing assault and sexual assault of minors charges.

Linda and Monique had seen their chance. Immediately they had approached the current headmistress, Victoria Primhurst, the third generation of Primhurst women to have run the school. She had agreed that if the males would enter the special two-year secretarial program, and eventually the Sachet Sorority the charges could be shelved. Linda and Monique agreed and went right to work on their subjects.

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Percy had become Margaret, Gloria's maid. Gloria adopted a daughter, Rachel who followed in mother's footsteps. She ran the college and also changed the life of a slssy Literature teacher named Randolph. Randolph became Angelica and also took over the charm classes for cross-dressed male secretarial students who had been attending the school since Rachel's third year as headmistress.

Through artificial insemination, Rachel also had a daughter she named Victoria. Like mother, Victoria decided to feminize her spouse.

The sissy social network you were dreaming about all your life. register now and start interacting with people from this community today!

After marrying her chauffeur, Andrew, she turned him into Gladys, her head housekeeper and social secretary. In addition, Victoria began hiring sissy maids for the sorority houses, and started the Sachet Sorority for the sissy students.

Club sissy who is chatting

The school now had four year and graduate courses for the transformed male enrollment, although the secretarial classes were most popular. The sissy sorority was now affectionately referred to as "Club Sachet". Although Linda and Monique had never directly taken part in a transformation done at Primhurst, they certainly approved of the practice. Greg and Charles would soon find out just how much the two women approved.

Both were c,ub candidates, though Charles more so then Greg. Both were cute and had long auburn hair. Charles was slightly taller then the average female but very slender.

Greg on the other hand was shorter and a little bbw adult chat. It didn't matter to his mother Monique though. He only had to show compliance to Ms. Primhurst and his transformation could begin. On the other hand Greg had went to the same office with his mother, and was totally unaware of the consequences he was about to face.

As Aunt Linda and Charles exited the car they sisys that Gregory had not taken the verdict well.

As his mother, Monique led him by the hand down the walkway, tears streamed down the sissy boy's face. When we say sissy boy, we mean it! After passing sentence on him, Victoria Primhurst had wasted no time having two women from her all female security staff begin the job. His white two-inch pumps, matched his anklet socks.

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The pumps really made his black, spandex, slack encased butt look cute, and his tight, pink tube top looked smashing. The only concession to makeup was the soft pink lipstick he wore. The ladies had decided that his incessant sexy moms to chat would ruin any blusher, foundation or eye makeup they might put on him. Monique said nothing even as her sissy son warned his friend, "Charles, quickly run away, they are going to try to turn us into girls," Candace squealed.

Charles stopped, and with a wan smile said, "Don't fight it Candace, it's all for the best.

Club sissy who is chatting

You prepare supper and slip into something sexy. Mistress is feeling really hot!

Chapter Four: Summertime Fun "Susan" Cain was standing nearly naked on a pedestal in the specially deed dressing room her aunt had put together for her. It was only 10 days into summer vacation, her transformation beginning the day school let out. Aunt Linda was at work. Outside the dressing room door, Susan's new governess, Ms. Hazel, a British petticoat specialist, was instructing Pamela Ames and two of her sorority sisters, who would now be assisting with the feminization process.

After that you can reach me on my beeper in my office at the other end of the house. I'll be chagting Susan's lessons for the next few days," she smiled.

Club sissy who is chatting

The three women entered the room to a quivering and quaking Susan who had her hands folded in front of her as if she were ashamed of her panty covered sissj. Pamela led the way saying, "Well what do we have here? Isn't this the prettiest little strawberry blonde you've ever seen?

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She even smells pretty. Like a little flower! Besides her hairless, heavily powdered and perfumed body, she now sported reddish blond locks, done in a shoulder lengthcourtesy of Miss Daphne at Salon Bouffant. Susan had been taken there by her aunt and Miss Hazel.

Club sissy who is chatting

The appointment had been devastating for her, especially the roller set and eyebrow plucking. She'd been photographed throughout the process, some of the photos taken for the salons advertising in the special Primhurst campus newspaper. Some of the poses had been quite alluring; one with her hip thrust out and her right hand fluffing up her js was especially charming. She'd even had a manicure and an ear piercing. All she was currently wearing this morning was a slightly restrictive modesty device, baby blue satin panties and a pair of three-inch heels in a cream shade.

Her hair was still damp from her morning bath, shampoo and conditioning. Over her head was her dreaded lacing bar. As the three women looked at one another in whi surprise, Pamela said, "Oh my, ladies, isn't she the sweetest thing on two sexy legs? Si even curtseys! This will be easier and much more fun then I had thought! We'll start with Sissy Suzy's corset. ltr lover solvang room mate wanted

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Oh dear look at this, she is really compliant! At the mere mention of a corset Susan had reached above her head and tightly gripped the lacing bar! Three hours later, as Ms. Hazel looked on proudly, Susan modeled under the direction of her three mentors. For being only ten days into her transformation Susan's appearance and comportment was incredibly feminine!

Club sissy who is chatting

After her strict corseting, the women had continued with the rest of her foundation garments. Throughout the corseting Susan had done her best not to whine, although she had whimpered a little at the severe tightening of the final laces. Sexy chat fairbanks alaska came her padded training bar, followed by her garter straps and hose.

Then heels 3 inches high were placed on her feet and the garters and hose were pulled tight. The combination of this, the corset, her modesty device, the shoes and her butt plug made her posture severely erect and especially prim. It was now time for her outerwear, hair and makeup to be done. Hot rollers with styling lotion would come first. She'll look like a girl getting ready for a date," commented Pamela, adding, "I want dlub get lots of photos for her Sachet portfolio.

Now seated in front of the vanity mirror, Susan watched spellbound as Pamela applied a copious amount of perfumed styling lotion, before she sisxy to roll Suzy's hair extra tightly onto the heated curlers.

Club sissy who is chatting