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Fort Macleod is your home? Yes, born and raised. I lived 20 miles south of town on a farm near Pincher Creek.

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Fort Macleod is your home? Yes, born and raised. I lived 20 miles south of town on a farm near Pincher Creek. I went to school here.

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My great-grandfather lived on the same homestead I grew up on; my aunt and uncle still live there. Harley is a local boy, but we did not meet until he came back to Fort Macleod from college.

Chat with someone from fort macleod, alberta

He was four years ahead of me. I remember seeing him but I did not really get to know him until later.

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We happened to be at the same party one day! Now, we have been together 18 years. He was a farrier [one who shoes horses]. I think he worked for UFA; they sold gas to farmers. Harley was selling malceod and I was working at a grocery store, the IGA. One day the photo business came up for sale. The guy who owned it was looking for somebody to buy his business.

He did not want a lot for it at the fotr, so we did. Of course, we have expanded it fifty plus chat then, changed gort, but at that time it was a One Hour Photo shop. Gradually, we started to add things. We began doing custom framing. Later they approached us to become a Radio Shack dealer; that was about eight years ago.

Somehow they lost the so we are not Radio Shack anymore, but we still have the same suppliers. We are an independent dealer.

We pay for the and a certain amount of supplies. You later acquired the building? We chat b been in it five or six years and had expanded. The owner, Mr. Edgar, was retiring and wanted to sell it and the apartments. He did not want to deal with it any more. It was a good opportunity. Darryl Solly [locations manager] walked in out of the blue one day. He asked to look at the building.

Harley showed him all three apartments. Then the director had to come through and see it, as well. Who lived there?

Chat with someone from fort macleod, alberta

Most tenants are young people; they tend to move in and out. But Margaret, the lady who lived in the Laundry Apartmentvort was there for 12 years. She was a single lady with. She had left her husband a long time ago. Anyway, they moved her stuff and put her up in a hotel and paid for her food. She might have been a bit cranky at the end because they told her they would take two love chat with girlfriend and it turned out to be three or four.

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But it was good for her, too. That is a sad story, though. She got quite a bit of money from maclekd production, and then she died of cancer less than a year afterwards. Margaret was a good tenant.

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The others crom come and go. Reggie lived in Apartment 1. He was very adept at securing gratuities. We had no idea that you could get your picture taken there for a fee until we read about it on your website. We did not know that was going on! Then there was a guy in the middle apartment.

We had problems with him; we should have kicked him out. He could not get frim and out of his apartment while they were filming so they put him up in a hotel for a few days. Harley had read the short story and knew what it was about. We did not dream it would be nearly as popular as it has become. Had we known, we might have left the apartment the way it was when they were filming! Most of the filming amateur milf talking dirty done in June Yes, but they talked to us four to six months ahead of time.

Chat with someone from fort macleod, alberta

And of course, they were working there for a foort of months before they started filming. Oh yes. They filled every motel in town and they did a lot of good for Fort Macleod. They were talking to other people, too. I know they were talking to some business owners on Main Street. They wanted to do a Chat free new st catharines Street scene [reportedly a Fourth of July Parade] but two smeone owners got greedy and so they never did.

Darryl was very good, and there was a fellow named Jay [St.

Chat with someone from fort macleod, alberta

Louis, assistant locations manager]. They were very good about everything. They paid us for the filming and for the loss of business. Right at the beginning they told us that we could meet the actors; we never did get to do that.

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But they got us in up-close when they made the scene at the ball diamond. Jay got us very close to the front of the crowd that night. Alma, Ennis, the Swings June They were all great to work with; we did not have any trouble with anybody.

Chat with someone from fort macleod, alberta

They were very accommodating and did what we asked. They would propose building modifications to you? Yes, lots of painting. And they had to enclose the stairwell to hide them. Many of the changes had to do with wlth the apartment appear to be over skibbel gay chat laundry and next to a liquor store. They put a up and some stuff inside. They put chqt stove and refrigerator in.

The counter was already there.

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They hauled that old stove and water heater in there. They painted and paneled.

Chat with someone from fort macleod, alberta

And put in a steam vent downstairs. Inside, they put in brown linoleum. April June It is a much nicer apartment than it appeared to be in the film. It has high ceilings. The other two apartments we have there are smaller. We were told it would be filmed during the first week of June. But then as the time got closer, it became a day here and a day there. So it did change around. We actually closed the dhat for fortt days. Unless they were horny chat online filming, we were open for business.

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They filmed for three days. I was in the store one day while they were filming. Cbat Ledger kept coming out of the apartment, and coming out of the apartment, and coming out of the apartment! He slammed that door many, many times. Harley met Ang Lee a couple of times; I never did. He said Lee was very interesting. And those lights! Especially for the Fireworks scene.