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What was she doing? Chah was Mary Smith in London using her pea shooter to rattle windows. She charged sixpence a week to wake up her clients. Various methods were used, often the knocker-up would use a long pole. Chat 21 Picture Quiz:- Which is the odd one out?

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What was she doing? She was Mary Smith in London using her pea shooter to rattle windows. She charged sixpence a week to wake up her clients. Various methods were used, often the knocker-up would use a long pole. Chat 21 Picture Quiz:- Which is the odd one out? Answers by to: edgrew virginmedia.

Chat 21

Procrastination is the thief of time. Here is something that happened while my brother John was racing my vintage Sunbeam, an example of procrastination. We were at Cadwell Park for our last meeting of the season. What I do know is that like all years it was busy as we did all the Vintage Racing Championship rounds. Keeping any old bike running well can be time consuming especially when you are asking it consistently to run flat out as happens on track.

Chat 21

Some years we had more problems than others but this year I think the bike chzt run well with not many problems ……. The engine stopped and there was no compression. A quick look after taking the cylinder head off revealed a holed piston.

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The head had come off mission horny chat inlet valve and punched the hole. Inlet valve problems are not unknown but usually it is the exhaust valve that suffer most from this as they are blasted chxt super-hot exhaust gasses. We cjat have the head come off an exhaust valve once but that is a story for another time.

Charles Dickens used the word procrastination in his words of advice quoted at the start of this tale. We got on with other things; enjoying Christmas and welcoming in a New Year with little thought about getting the engine sorted for the coming race season.

Editor chat agenda: 21 october,

Time marches on and when the regulations and entry forms arrived for the new season, we thought we had better make a start by getting the new parts we needed. A new valve that amateur milf talking dirty fit was easily found but a new piston we could modify to fit was proving a lot more difficult.

We tried all over the place to find a piston without any luck and time was still marching, in fact it was starting to sprint. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

How about we get the hole welded up? Who did we know that could weld aluminium? Ray Pettet sprung to mind. I knew Ray from chzt I riding in classic trials where Ray was very good on his Ariel.

Chat 21

He had also worked at Rolls Royce fabricating and welding aluminium parts for jet engines, so he was also a very good welder. Ray said he chta weld the hole cnat being a bit cheeky, Live chat with milfs in cincinnati ohio asked him if while he cht welding up the hole could he stick a bit more aluminium on the top to raise the compression a bit? Ray came up trumps and did a fine job. John machined the piston up and just in the nick of time we were able to get the engine back together in time for the first race of the season.

It is unfortunate to have a hole in your piston but the hole led to a bonus as after welding and a sticking a bit more on top the extra compression gave us a performance boost too.

Chat 21

Next time I might tell you about losing my head, no not my actual head but the head off my Sunbeam's exhaust valve. It had come from a VMCC vintage racer who had kept the forks and front wheel for his racing bike. Fortunately someone had discovered a large batch old WD Ariel girder forks at a military supply depot and from being unobtainable they chay plentiful over night. On the positive side they were brand new so needed no refurbishment which saved some cash.

The front wheel came from Bolton autojumble and was another fortunate find. All together it looked handsome and I decided to hitch it to a Watsonian chag I had got hold of in another naughty lawton oklahoma chat rooms without registration. It looked good and the first ride was an cjat opener, smooth, powerful, decent brakes and suspension.


Then fifty miles in to the trip it stopped and would not start until completely cool. This pattern kept repeating itself, and I got fed up with taking it out and having to wait until it cooled to come home again. But he had rigged up a coil based ignition system, it turned out that the problem was common with all these early pushrod fours. Basically the magneto is bolted onto the crankcase immediately behind the rear cylinders, and got so hot that the insulation on the windings broke down, and you lost sparks.

Apparently this had happened when the bikes were made and Ariel kept paying for replacement armatures, but to no avail.

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My armature had come as a new old stock item from an old dealer so was probably a faulty replacement anyway. I did the Heath Robinson coil conversion which, worked OK but was not perfect, and my confidence was blown so it had to go.

It burnt a hole in my pocket straight, as a few hours later I spotted on a stall an early flat tank White and Poppe engined Ariel missing forks and hubs which had been converted into a saw bench. I also saw another Ariel, cht cc spring frame VH, so bought that and put it in the van as well. So at a stroke Chah became one of those loony motorcycle collectors, with a favourite Marque completely by accident. Those two bikes got put together and running over the winter and next spring, I took the VH for a ride and just outside Coalville on a long sweeping bend I char the back break and nearly ended 3dsplaza chat the ditch.

On getting home I checked everything, all was as it should be. I just had to swap the position of the brake arm. However confidence again damaged so I fitted a Jet 80 sidecar, and used it for the 8 mile round trip to work. For various reasons, I decided I needed to have a modern bike, so put the Nimbus up for sale, and a guy from Lancashire rang and asked if I would swap it for chatt Mk3 Commando.

I thought it sounded like a good idea so the deal was done and I rode up to Nelson one November and did the chaf, riding the Norton home, in the freezing cold in the dark. On first acquaintance it was a nice bike.

A bit heavy but smooth and powerful. I commuted on it and we went on a camping holiday in Belgium and Holland on it. I always felt the clutch with its diaphragm spring was heavy but returning from Brighton through the centre of London was absolute agony, I got to the stage where I had to stop just to rest my clutch hand. In addition it did not like running in traffic and the tick over became increasingly erratic, add to that fact that the electric start did not work most of the time, and it became clear that the customer was sorting out the build issues of the manufacturer.

It went to someone who really wanted one. I used some of the money to buy most of an Ariel Fleet parcel truck. Obviously the madness was at its peak by this stage. It weighed about eight hundred pounds and was powered by a cc side valve engine de-tuned to a CR of 4. O to 25 in two minutesaccording to the road tests. My first veteran.

I needed a bike, and at a mom son chat fair near Ashover in the stationary engine section, I met a man, who seeing my crash helmet asked if I would like to buy another bike a BSAno forks or wheels and currently being used as a home made cultivator on his allotment. To be continued Research followed, as it was a difficult decision, to leave as-is, or renovate.

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The frame had no paint at all, and the wheels needed rebuilding, but other parts had original paint. I decided to take a middle option; what could be left would be and what had to be painted would be. Help was enlisted from the VMCC community. The machine was nominallybut the engine was from late Original unfaded paint colour was found under the horn clamp, I found a paint manufacturer in Hull who advertised as being able to supply any British Military spec.

A visit followed and after a very thorough examination of the items against the quantity of large swatches it was decided that it corresponded korean sex chat a batch supplied in late The company supplied the colour in both brush on, aerosol form and also a suitable etch primer.

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I had decided to renovate the wheels first, so built a 'Les Taverner' jig as detailed in "The Vintage Motorcyclists Workshop" by "Radco". I wanted to reuse the rims if possible as this machine had 48 spoke wheels instead of the more usual 36 or The fossilised tyre was a Michelin x The wheels appeared to be original and the spoking was unusual in that the spokes were crossed twice as photo. Once is normal. Most of the brass spoke nipples unscrewed without too much trouble and the rims went to a local soda blasting company.

This showed up a couple of pin holes which sex chat in poland ky Tig welded.

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The original bearing were cup and cone, like a large bicycle bottom bracket, with 11 balls each side. As these were worn out I modified the hubs to take modern ball journal bearings. Central Wheel supplied new spokes and nipples as samples, everything was painted and reassembly was attempted, trying to twice cross the spokes. After several attempts I managed to lace one wheel, but was unable to true it radially or laterally.

Every other wheel I looked at only had spokes crossing once, so chatt I built 12 wheels like that and trued them. Great, I now had a pair of WW1 green wheels with the original size rims, so new tyres seemed a good idea. This was were the fun indianapolis singles chat. I had never had a bike with beaded edge tyres before. Apparently they are sized on the outside diameter of the tyre, not the rim as modern machines.

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After much searching I could not find x 85 tyres, 26" x 3" was the nearest available. Now I needed new rims as these are larger than the x 85s. Oh joy! Where to find replacement 48 hole rims for 26 x 3 cbat Part 6 to follow. Words of wisdom:- You can tell a lot by a woman's hands. If they are around your throat she's probably a bit upset.